Brill trams 14-15

These two cars were acquired from Brill in 1928. They had several charateristics in common with the Birney safety car type, although constructed for two man operation. They had open platforms in the classic configuration separated from the saloon. This in contrarary with standard Birney cars which were operated by one man only and with the platforms integrated with the saloon. The Birney type was very popular in America in the early twenties of the 20th century. In Europe there were only three Birney trams in Arnhem (The Netherlands).
Like all Birney cars, the bodies were all steel. They had a 7-window layout and were never reconstructed. Both cars were used until closure of the Coimbra tramsystem in 1980. Both are preserved, no.14 in the museum and no.15 in the Guarda-Inglese (trolley)bus depot.

Technical data

  • Length body: 5.60 m
  • Truck: 79E1X
  • Seating: 28
Tramcar 15
Tramcar 15
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Tramcars 15
              & 3
The steel bodies of the tramcars 14-15 were the prototype for wooden bodies made by the workshops. The tramcars 1, 3-7, 9-13 and 19-20 did get such a wooden body. On the photo at the left tramcar 14 with a steel body and tramcar 3 after reconstruction with a wooden body.

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